• Batman: Everybody Lies (ENG)

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BATMAN: EVERYBODY LIES is a story-driven game where you are recruited by Jim Gordon to investigate the cases beyond the reach of the Gotham City Police Department. You play as one of four possible Characters: the brutish detective, Harvey Bullock the young passionate journalist, Vicki Vale weary veteran journalist, Warren Spacey or the cunning, high-profile burglar, Selina Kyle, a.k.a Catwoman. Each episode challenges players to work together while attempting to accomplish their own personal goals. You travel across Gotham City: from the grim underworld, to the bustling offices of the Gotham City Gazette. Take all the time you
need, but remember, Gotham City is home to the World’s Greatest Detective, and after each episode you complete a final report and will be judged by both the time you spend and the secrets you uncover.


Key points:

  • 4 criminal cases to solve, all combined into a master plot
  • Interact with Batman, The Penguin™, Poison Ivy™, Mr Freeze™, Scarecrow™, and more
  • Visit famous Gotham City locations such as the Batcave™, Arkham Asylum™, Blackgate Penitentiary™, and the Gotham City Gazette™
  • Rich original writing enhanced by the scenes in the comic strips
  • Rewarding cooperative gameplay with hidden agenda mechanic and final evaluation
  • Game mechanics are based on the award-winning Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game.

Inside the box:

  • 1 Scene deck (31 cards)
  • 1 Personal Goal deck (27 cards)
  • 4 sets of Episode Introductions (in 4 envelopes marked #00, #01, #02, #03)
  • 1 Investigation token
  • 1 Location token
  • 1 Game board
  • 8 Location tiles
  • 4 Character tiles (with Informants on the reverse sides)
  • 3 Access tokens: 1 Authority token , 1 Batman token , 1 Underground token
  • 4 Character tokens: 1 Bullock , 1 Catwoman , 1 Spacey , 1 Vale
  • 10 Evidence tokens
  • 1 Map of Gotham City
  • 1 Rulebook
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